Free Tips: How To Find Professor and How to Write an Email to a professor

Dear all prospective students and scholarship hunters

I am here to give you a detail guidance about two things

A) how to find a professor and

B) how to write an emails to professors in general and Chinese professors in particular:

How to find a Professor

  • 1. First of all kindly discuss the university labs and professors with your friends if you have any already studying in China so that he/she can explain to you what exactly you are going to find when you join a research group. This is of course the easiest way to find professor of your own interest. But even if this is the case you still have to contact him/her and ask for his/her willingness to accept you or accommodate you in the lab.
  • 2. If you don’t have any friend/relative already in your favorite university or lab (or not at all in China) then you should make yourself clear about your research interests. If you cannot narrow down to the area of your interest then even the broader view/theme is still good to find a professor.
    • a) You should simply search a research paper of your research interest and take email ID from the research paper written by your future supervisor and use it for contacting him/her.
    • b) If you are fully confused and you don’t have any research paper in hand at all then follow the steps i have given down in the photos/snaps.
    • c) For this you need to visit university campuses which shall give you access to web of knowledge/science website which is accessible in major universities of Pakistan. In web of science website you can even write keyword of your research interest and narrow down to filter research paper coming from particular country i.e. Chinese authors only.
    • d) Once you find a paper that contain your research theme then you will have both university details and email ID of the professor and can go for the next step which is writing email. The same you can do by using google scholar or But in google scholar you cannot narrow down to a particular territory or region.

How to write email to Professor

NOTE: Now i will talk about writing emails. The main inspiration i got for this post was particularly because of the attitude and mistakes most of our Pakistani friends are doing in writing emails asking professors for acceptance letters/Recommendation letters. The process that i just explained and the way you should do it is very simple. Therefore be honest because honesty is the best policy.

3. First of all please avoid scams in form of agencies/individuals that are asking for money and making you promises that they will give you both admission and scholarships in China and that you have to pay for their services. Getting scholarship is extremely easy and is free of cost so don’t let these guys deceive you for their own benefits. The only fee you have to bear is the admission application form processing fee that is just 6524.79/- Chinese Yuan.

4. The next thing you have to bring in your self is seriousness and by seriousness i mean homework before you apply for scholarship. If you are saying that you don’t have any research interest or you don’t care about the research interests of the professors you are going to work with means that you are not serious. It is extremely important that you read the profile of the professors and if it is written in Chinese then you should read two or three of his/her research papers. Because almost all Chinese professors have 50-100 research papers.

5. Then comes communication and this is the stage where professors realize that you are serious or not because most of the students simply copy and paste the same email to all the faculty members in one school/institute/department and they catch you as a desperate struggling incompetent student. Because if you are sure and confident about yourself then you will not do this. Similarly if you get accepted in more than one university then the scholarship is wasted because you can have only one scholarship in one time.

6. Now comes the writing issues in emails. Since email is one such way of official communication and used for academic purposes worldwide then please pay attention to this. Following are the mistakes most of the student do in writing emails:

  • a) Start of Email: Respected Professor Doctor Mister XXXX (This is not good, simply say Dear Prof. Dr. XXXX is ok)
  • b) 2nd Line: I hope you are doing great/I hope this email find you in good health/I find this an honor to introduce myself/Greetings from country-name (These are all not good, you are not writing to your friend or someone you spend vacations with). You should simply write.. My name is XXX from Pakistan and I have completed my 16 or 18 years of Education in XXXX.
  • C) 3rd Line: I have dream to study in China/It is my life goal to work with you/ i am wondering if you can allow me to work with you (All these are not good..) You should just say…I found your name on the university website or I read your research article on research gate about XXXXX.
  • D) Talking about Supervision: I will be extremely happy/delighted/honored/devoted (again not good…) you don’t need to beg for supervision. You should simply say that..If you are taking international student next year then please let me know if you space available so that i apply for scholarship and write your name as a potential supervisor.
  • E) Stating your suitability: I assure you that i am hardworking/ I declare that i am punctual/I have CGPA 3.9 out of 4/ I did well in all subjects during my bachelors( not to the point again)…Be simple and objective oriented. You can write instead… My bachelors or Masters Research project was about XXXX and therefore further want to learn about XXXX.
  • F) Acceptance letter/Recommendation letter: Talk about this at the end e.g. you should say..In order to be able to apply for admission and scholarship i am required a recommendation letter/acceptance letter.
  • G) Ending your email: Just write Regards instead of writing Thank you or Thanks or thanking you in advance or thanking you in anticipation. Note: Wither to attach CV/Resume with the email is up to you. In my opinion it is better that the professor read your email first and ask you for CV or Resume etc.

Thanks for reading this long post and if you find it useful then please share this with your friends so that they avoid making mistakes. I wish you guys a very successful future and best of luck for scholarships/admissions and higher studies.

Reference: Syed A. Rehman

Author: Kashif

This is Dr. Kashif. I Completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University. Now I am teaching as Assistant Professor. At this platform, I am posting the Scholarships, fellowships, Internships, Summer Programs, exchange programs, conferences, Entrepreneurial Events, Innovative Events, information from World Class Universities. if you have any question you can contact without any hesitation.

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