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Tech Challenge (formerly Google Games)

brings fun competitions to the computer science and engineering community, giving students a glimpse into Google’s culture, logical thinking, collaboration, and on-the-spot coding.

Tech Challenge (formerly the Google Games) is a fun and friendly global puzzle and coding challenge for those interested in computer science and engineering. It also serves as a way for students to get a glimpse into Google’s company culture, and exposes its participants to the ideas of logical thinking, puzzle solving, collaboration, and on-the-spot coding; all of which are key components to successful Google software engineers.

Tech Challenge is also a celebration of the passion and creativity of engineering students from universities across the Globe. It’s your chance to compete with your peers and see a bit of Google culture and office. You could win prizes that will showcase your love for Google and all participants will walk away with some cool swag. Here’s what at stake:

  • Top three teams with the most solves get awarded prizes.
  • Top team that showcases the best team spirit can also win prizes.
  • Winners will get a chance to be featured on our global site and Google social media.
  • And more!

The Puzzles

Puzzle solving tips

Starting out

  1. Look at all the puzzles. Some may be easier than others.
  2. Read the title. Does it seem to be referencing something?
  3. Read the instructions. Are any of the words specially highlighted? Does any of the wording seem contrived to hint at something?

Initial solving

  1. Are you familiar with all of the information being presented? Even if you are, maybe you’ll find out something new if you Google it.
  2. Are there blanks with letters filled in that you can’t get the rest of? Maybe will help.
  3. Are there pictures? Reverse image search might help.
  4. Have you made any assumptions about the puzzle that could be incorrect?

Next steps

  1. You have a bunch of answers of some sort, are they related at all, or do they have something in common?
  2. Do you have numbers associated with groups of letters? Indexing into the letters might work.
  3. Are you left with a bunch of numbers in the range 1-26? What happens if you convert them to letters?
  4. Did you receive more instructions from your solutions?

Sample puzzle

Mystery Agents

  1. Spy: _ _〇_ _ _
  2. Vietnam War chemical: 〇_ _ _ _ _
  3. Helps book flight reservations: _ _ _〇_ _
  4. Athlete without a contract: _ _〇_
  5. Web browser OS info: _ _ _〇
  6. Sells houses: _ _ _ _ _ _〇_ _ _

Sample puzzle solution As the puzzle title suggests, each line refers to a type of agent.


Vietnam War chemical: ORANGE

Helps book flight reservations: TRAVEL

Athlete without a contract: FREE

Web browser OS info: USER

Sells houses: REAL ESTATE

Examining the circled letters in order from top to bottom reveals the answer.

Answer: COVERT


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