Post doctoral fellow in Control Engineering at Luleå University of Technology Sweden

The Control Engineering team at the Department of Computer Science and Electrical and Space Engineering is now looking for a post-doctoral fellow contributing to our growing activities in Space Robotics. The group is heavily involved in a large amount of National and European research grants in this area spanning from UAVs, UGVs to Biologically inspired Robotics and Bio-prosthetics.

Subject description

Control Engineering comprises the analysis, design, optimization and implementation of autonomous control systems.

Research topic

The research topic is in the area of Control Engineering. More specifically, the position will involve dense research activities in the area of designing, experimenting and theoretical control development in the area of Guidance, Navigation and Control for spacecrafts.

Specific research topics include: 

  • Vision for robotic navigation
  • Collaborative formation and scenario accomplishment
  • Visual Servoing
  • Space Vision and Space Visual Features
  • Quaternion control design
  • Space Visual Odometry
  • Advanced Model Based Filtering (e.g. EKF, UKF)
  • Perception and Estimation
  • Switching Reconfigurable Control
  • Collaborative Mapping and Exploration
  • Sattelites control


The candidate will perform research with substantial theoretical and experimental components that should be published in peer-reviewed major international journals and at major conferences. The position will include supervision of MSc and PhD students, and to acquire funding for future research projects from research funding agencies/councils, EU framework program or industry. The candidate will need to represent the group in different occasions, both in Sweden and abroad. Perfect scientific skills with excellence in real life experimentation, former experience in Basic Research funded grants and successful track record in fund raising, as well as perfect communication and management skills are considered as a strong plus. Finally, a former PhD in robotics or control and estimation in the related area within publications in the previous research topics is also considered as a plus. The position might also involve teaching, seminars and presentations.

As a post-doctoral fellow, you work actively and independent in relation to ongoing research projects. We are looking for a candidate who can contribute to activities at the Robotics team and work in close collaboration with the senior researchers at the research group.


To qualify for employment as a postdoctoral research fellow, you must have a PhD, or doctoral degree or a foreign degree equivalent to a doctorate or doctoral degree. Priority will be given to candidates who have completed their PhD within three years prior to the application deadline. If there are special circumstances, the PhD can have been completed earlier. Special circumstances mean leave due to illness, parental leave, clinical practice, trade union duties, or similar. Applicants who are very close to finish a PhD are also encouraged to apply.

To be eligible for the position a doctoral degree in automatic control or equivalent is a must.

How To Apply

Apply for this position by clicking on the application button below. The application should include:

  • A motivation letter
  • A detailed CV with list of publications and full description of all the scientific merits of the candidate
  • A Research Statement with respect to the described research topics
  • List of successful grant applications or participation in research projects (if applicable)
  • List of 2 persons that could provide recommendation for the candidate
  • Formal copies of verified and translated diplomas and PhD

Your application must be written in English. Mark your application with the reference number below.

Reference number: 5903-2019

Deadline: 10 February, 2020.

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