Google Code Jam 2020 Event

The Google Code Jam 2020 Event World Finals are here Happening Right Now Friday, August 9 The Code Jam 2019 World Finals were happened on Friday, August 9. Follow along with the live stream and scoreboard — results will be streamed and announced shortly after the contest. What is Code Jam? Google’s longest running global coding competition, … Continue reading “Google Code Jam 2020 Event”

Google Competition of CTF “Capture The Flag”

Date: Multiple dates Online and onsite “Capture The Flag” (CTF) competitions (in the cybersecurity sense) are not related to running outdoors or playing first-person shooters. Instead, they consist of a set of computer security puzzles (or challenges) involving reverse-engineering, memory corruption, cryptography, web technologies, and more. When players solve them they get a “flag,” a … Continue reading “Google Competition of CTF “Capture The Flag””

Registration for Kick Start 2019 Event is open

Ready to solve fun, challenging problems? Kick Start hosts online rounds throughout the year, giving participants the opportunity to test and grow their coding abilities while getting a sample of the programming skills needed for a technical career at Google. Participate in one — or join them all! What is Kick Start? Kick Start offers … Continue reading “Registration for Kick Start 2019 Event is open”

Large Installation System Administration LISA Conference 2019

October 2019, San Francisco, California CA, USA LISA17 is a wrap! Thanks for joining us in San Francisco for LISA17. Video, audio, and presentation slides are available on the conference program page. LISA: Where systems engineering and operations professionals share real-world knowledge about designing, building, and maintaining the critical systems of our interconnected world. LISA is the … Continue reading “Large Installation System Administration LISA Conference 2019”

Google Student Veteran Summit

Get an inside look at Google’s culture and career opportunities at our flagship MBA veteran event. The Google Student Veteran Summit is open to student veterans entering their first or second year of their full-time, U.S.-based MBA program in Fall 2019. Eligible applicants must have served in one of the following United States Military Services: … Continue reading “Google Student Veteran Summit”